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Marvelous Marriage & Mango Smoothy

“…the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you.”

Every Thursday night, I frantically throw together an easy dinner for the kids, so Daniel and I can have some time alone. Soooooo, last week we were on our date, making “eyes” at each other over bison and salad, because, people, trust me on this, it is SO worth it to keep flirting in your marriage! I want to be hot for each other at 90, trying to kiss with our dentures popping out and saying to each other, “Is that you, Sweetheart, or the fur coat hanging by the door?” Besides, a big cut of red meat to a man is like an Italian love song playing violinist, long stem red roses and a giant, glittering rock in a box is to a woman. Nothing, I mean nothing, says romance to a man like a beer and huge cut of steak. LOL. Anyway, I finished up my dinner and ordered a desert, not realizing just how large the desert was at this particular establishment. My husband, of course, thought the whole thing was hilarious when it came out piled like a volcano of strawberries and cream erupting out of the top of Mount Pastry. So, he began gleefully snapping “busting you” shots and threatening to post it on Twitter, even though I loudly protested, “IT’S TREAT NIGHT! IT’S TREAT NIGHT!” Lol. Oh my. Isn’t he just a riot. Smirk. So, that’s what you’re seeing below. Can you guess what I am saying from my facial expression? If you surmised, “Don’t you DARE,” you would have it right. Oh how I love to laugh.


This week, my husband came to me and delightedly announced that he had a sixth ticket to the Rockies game and how lucky that I could join him and the boys. The girls were off to their aunts for the night and I had entertained a blissful dream of going to see Far From the Madding Crowd. After all, I am a serious literary nerd and that movie is based on a classic by Hardy! I know, I know, but please don’t scream the house down in the excitement of it all. Anyway, I decided to go to….. the baseball game. And, even though I had three observations about baseball games: 1. Why are there so many breaks, 2. Every play decision between the umpires is way too much like the pace of a Red Hat Club gathering over Mimosas and 3. Packing healthy snacks is a necessity! It is a little kid’s dreamland of fries, cotton candy and caramel popcorn, oh my. Even though, by the end, I felt like I could DIE from the pace, I am so glad I went. I want to engage in my husband’s world and have fun with activities he comes up with. So, even though my chick flick sounded way better to me, I dressed like an avid fan with purple and blue clothing from my closet, cheered when they scored and threw myself into it like a like an elite luger jumping on that sled, all in, and going for the gold! I was rewarded, at the end of the game, by an unexpected heartfelt moment. Put it this way, “Proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free,” was playing while the sky was was filled with a high quality, rainbow of post game fireworks (and I LOVE fireworks); that was enough to bring on the patriot tears. I cannot begin to put into words how much it means to me that sons, daughters, husbands, etc, of other people, have given their lives, so that I can live as a free woman. There is nothing like that realization. It is something of the spirit of Christ in them to give their lives for others.

Fitness Check-In

So, I just wanted to check in with you this week. We are in the 5 month post New Year’s Resolution, downward slide for many people. How are you doing with fitness? It’s not too late to start. If you can’t run, just pick something that makes you sweat and slowly build up to 35-45 minutes. The elliptical is a great, low impact, cardio tool. It doesn’t have to be running; that is just what worked for me. Write and tell me how you are doing and what your problem areas are/what makes working out hard? I’m working hard core on my eating with a calendar on my wall for a month because it helps me to do big pushes regarding fitness. Want to join me June 1st?

I had a really exceptional woman write me this week and express that even though she has a significant illness, she wants to get serious about eating well and working out in any way she can. I LOVE her commitment. I decided right then and there that I want to make a prayer wall with pictures of people to remind me to pray for them. If you have prayer requests, regarding physical or life issues, I would love you to send a picture to me with a little bit about how I can pray. Please send those to: Laurie Rolfe, Eyes Only, 7345 Adventure Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80923.

Mango Protein Smoothy


Anyone who lives in Colorado knows that we’ve been under a deluge lately, with bizarre weather, even tornados, in our city! Let me explain for you out of state/country folks – mountains and tornadoes don’t usually mix. Those two concepts are like a head to toe, fur wrapped native Alaskan sun bathing on a beach in Antigua. I don’t know about you but I have turned the heat up, slowly amassed a collection of three different coconut perfumes, bought a large Hibiscus bush, placed it by my favorite chair in the living room, and have a craving for a Pina Colada that won’t relent. I mean, the call of the Pina Colada is like an orphaned whale opining in a deep bellow through the ocean depths. Come ON, summer! To help us along until Colorado decides to join the rest of the World and have more than one season, I have included a picture of our honeymoon in Maui above and a Mango protein smoothy recipe below. Dreaming is good and, beyond giving us vision, can sometimes be like a white and red foam lifesaver to a man overboard. Aside from breathing deeply of the intoxicating and tropical smell of sunscreen, feeling the heat soak into your skin, like a spill of hot soup into a paper towel, listening to the distant noises of your kids frolicking joyfully (with the occasional mean spirited, extended dunk) in the pool, throwing dinner together in half an hour because bbqs are fast, taking in the poignant smell of sun baked- pine needles as you hike in a nearby wilderness and the lazy, slow pace of no school, what else do you dream about this summer? What are your plans? Colorado, we can at least dream of summer! 🙂

The picture above is before the spinach is added. I promise you, you won’t taste the spinach but it will change the drink to a grassy green. Try it anyway. 🙂 Think of all that blended up goodness going right to your cells. This makes 1 large glass for me and two small ones for my little kids. If it isn’t sweet enough, blend in a couple packages of Stevia. It is very creamy and I like the distinct, punchy taste of a small slice of pineapple afterwards.

  • 1 Cup of Frozen Mangos (I use organic)
  • Large handful of spinach
  • 1 Cup of Carrageenan free, unsweetened almond or coconut milk
  • 1/4 Cup of Whey Protein (no flavoring or sugar added)
  • Slice of pineapple and mini umbrella to make yourself feel like you’re on vacation

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