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Summer Vignette #2: Yearly Cleanup and Happy 4th!


Love getting my daily scriptures after I run; a little vitamin for my heart. 👍



Daniel had SO much to do this week, staining our deck and a friend’s deck. So, we formed “Team Bless You” to surprise him. We cleaned the garage, the upstairs of the barn and the car. This is us right before we set to work- grrr, determined! 💪















Lots of evening dinners around the fire after a week of house repair and organization for the year.


Found these gluten free flour tortillas for Joab at Trader Joes. They were chewy but not bad.















Add a little meat, fresh veg, black beans,  cheese, homemade salsa and Kapow!


This is Isaak scoring in his end of season rugby game. 🎉















I’m loving that “stone washed” is back in, apparently. 80s graduates unite! 🙌



Grabbed a couple hours with one of my beloved sisters. We LOVE to laugh.


My awesome 8 year old’s birthday dinner request: steak, mac and cheese, Caesar salad and berries with vanilla ice cream and strawberry whipped cream (never heard of that so mixed Cool Whip with some Strawberry Jello mix). Hey, birthdays are treat time! 🎈















Random selfie that I was unaware of. 😜















Blueberries are on sale!!! One of my all time favorite fruits! Love the color. 😍


The grill is fired up, streamers are out and the raspberry punch is being made. Happy 4th to my fellow freedom loving Americans! ❤️

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