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Summer Vignette #3: Vacation!


At 4:30 a.m. we headed out on vacation! ⚡️🎉🎊💥 We are militant travelers, limiting our hydration, so we don’t have to stop much. 😳 Can you see where we were headed (below)? That’s right, the palm tree laiden land of the Arizonians, where pool cleaning is more lucrative than hobby lobby is in a female dominated populace of middle aged “cropping” suburbanites. 😜 Before you scream, “generalization,” please note… I am one of those. Lol.


On the way, we wondered if my husband was being called to the backwoods.


After 12 long hours- paradise found! Ok, ok. Scottsdale is hardly paradise but it is hot, has palm trees, a pool and is out of our norm. Besides, nobody in their right mind goes there in the peak of summer, so it was cheap! LOL. Here’s what it looks like.


IMG_0005_2Many hours were spent by the pool.

IMG_0006_2 IMG_0019_2


Do you remember me telling you about my youngest three doing water aerobics with the older crowd? Well, they wouldn’t miss it for the world!


The first day, we hit up In and Out. That restaurant enjoys the same kind of wild, cult- following that Napolean Dynamite does, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see tons of comments about this one picture. 🙂


The Rolfe Family ROCKED the resort Olympics, taking many medals in Ping Pong, football throw, name that tune and cake decorating. Can you guess which one I took silver in? No, it wasn’t for the biggest pool side couch potato! I do tend to crash by the pool with a magazine, my sunglasses and tropical drink in hand, half heartedly asking the kids if they’ve used enough sunscreen but secretly hoping they don’t need anything (except a little smooch on their cute cheeks) for hours. Lol.

_DSC0470_2 _DSC0478_2 IMG_0013_2 IMG_0014_2 IMG_0015_2

Vacation requires a good tropical drink find. Mmmmm… Pina Coloda!


Have I mentioned we spent a lot of time at the pool? 😜

IMG_0004_2 _DSC0390_2

We ran into some amazing friends and visited the local vintage icecream shop, The Sugar Bowl, which lived up to its name and gave me a sugar hang over. 😳

IMG_3709_2 IMG_3708_2 IMG_3703_2

A quick visit to Cabela’s resulted in this intimate moment between Isaak, our comedian, and a mammoth trout.


I aimed to work out at least half as much as usual. This is me about to go to the fitness center for a run. It’s amazing how that ordinary treadmill in a lavish resort room with cranked up AC appeals when it is 107 outside (please ignore the dirty mirror- lol).


One of our last nights, we enjoyed cheesecake; the slices were big enough to satisfy a rhino with an overactive thyroid.


When we returned, my garden was going crazy! And, I had a little visitor sampling my veggies.

IMG_0022_2 _DSC0368_2

To wrap up our vacation, we had some work to do on our property. Believe it or not, this little guy does our weed whacking. When I told him to show me his muscles to make sure he was up for the job, he told me in complete seriousness, “My muscles are as big as Joab’s now.” I think he isn’t lacking confidence; he might, however, be slightly out of touch with reality. 😜


And, these two? white washing our fence all day long, Huck Finn Style.


To wrap up our week, we took the kids out for a ride on the local Sky Ride and to Five Guys for some good old American burgers and fries.

IMG_1353 IMG_0021_2 IMG_0020_2

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  1. Nancy Grosh says

    I loved the photos and I just love your gorgeous family!

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